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Quick Explanation of the Popular Massage Techniques

There are different kinds of massage, all of them have their own sets of benefits to reduce pain, relieve stress, or improve overall wellbeing.

Massage is a form of ancient art that has different variations depending on the specific country where it came from. Below are some of the common and popular massage techniques used all over the world today.

Deep Tissue Massage

As its name implies, the focus of deep tissue massage is on deeper muscle tissue layers. This focuses on a particular problem like chronic pain. This treats the body’s connective tissues instead of the surface muscles alone. This helps relax and refresh muscles, increases blood flow, and oxygen flow all over the body.

Deep tissue massage is a slow massage that uses long and flowing strokes easing out and in of the muscle. The purpose of deep tissue massage is not to make you feel blissful and relaxed. Instead, this helps address specific muscular and physical concerns to restore normal movement and relieve pain.

Swedish Massage

The most popular form of massage worldwide, Swedish massage is also called classic massage. This serves as the foundation for many forms of Western massage. This involves the use of gentle but firm pressure to encourage relaxation. This works on specific areas of muscle tension. This is done on bare skin using lotions or oils.

A Swedish massage therapist uses their forearms, elbows, or hands to manipulate superficial muscle layers. This massage also reduces the time of recovery from muscular strain through flushing tissues of uric acid, lactic acid, as well as other metabolic wastes through increasing oxygen level in the blood. This boosts the speed body cells can get rid of waste materials.

Sports Massage

This type of massage is especially designed for athletes. However, this is also suitable for those with injury, range of motion problems, and chronic pain. This focuses on healing and prevention of injuries to tendons and muscles. Sports massage is different from therapeutic massage in the sense that this is a deeper type of soft tissue massage that uses specific methods for treatment of physically active individuals.

This is a great option if you have specific problems sustained from sports. This stimulates lymph fluids and blood circulation that allows enhanced recovery following intense training, optimal metabolic exchanges, better performance, reduced onset of soreness in muscles, and reduced possibilities of injuries.

Reflexology Massage

Also called zone therapy, reflexology is based on a concept that the hands and feet have reflex areas that correspond to certain glands, organs, and other body parts. The underlying theory here is that if pressure gets applied to a certain reflex area, this will also affect the represented organ.

The seated treatment involves pressure application to zone areas on the hands and feet with specific finger, hand, and thumb techniques without using lotion or oil. Reflexology can stimulate organs, improve circulation, and rejevenate normal functions of the body. Reflexology can also promote healing through foot stimulation that increases the vital energy flow to different body parts and releases endorphins, the natural pain killers of the body.